Research Collaborators

  1. Guillermo Cortes-Robles received his BSc degree in electronic engineering from the Instituto Tecnologico de Orizaba (ITO) in 1995. He obtained his master in science of industrial engineering from the same institution and a PhD in Industrial Systems from the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse in France. His doctoral thesis combined the TRIZ theory with the Case-Based Reasoning solving process. He is today professor of engineering science at the ITO’s postgraduate school, specifically in the engineering management master and the science engineering PhD. His research interests are application of TRIZ theory combined with several approaches, knowledge management, decision support systems, simulation, different design approaches, lean manufacturing, and creativity techniques, with the aim to accelerate the innovation process. He is today the general secretary of the Mexican TRIZ association (AMETRIZ).

  2. Cuauhtémoc Sánchez-Ramírez is a full-time researcher of the Division of Research and Postgraduate Studies of the Orizaba Technology Institute. He received a PhD in Industrial Engineering from COMIMSA, center of research of National Council of Science & Technology of Mexico (CONACYT). His research projects have been granted by CONACYT, DGEST and PROMEP. Dr. Sánchez is member founding of the Mexican Logistics and Supply Chain Association (AML) and member of the National Researcher System by CONACYT. His research interests are modeling and simulation of logistics process and supply chain from a system dynamics approach. He is author/coauthor around 30 Journal and conference papers in logistics and Supply Chain Management.

  3. Jorge Luis Garcia-Alcaraz is a full time researcher of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez. He received a MSc in Industrial Engineering from the Colima Technology Institute (Mexico), a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Ciudad Juarez Technology Institute (Mexico) and a Postdoc from University of La Rioja (Spain). His main research areas are related to Multi criteria decision making applied to manufacturing, production process modelling and statistical inference. He is founding member of the Mexican Society of Operation Research and active member in the Mexican Academy of Industrial Engineering. Currently, Dr. Garcia is a National Researcher recognized by the National Council of Science & Technology of Mexico (CONACYT) and is working with group research from Colombia, Spain and Dominican Republic. Actually, Dr. Garcia is author/coauthor in around 120 journals, international conferences and congress. Orcid number: 0000-0002-7092-6963.

  4. Aide Aracely Maldonado-Macias completed her Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering, the MSc in Industrial Engineering by the Technological Institute of Ciudad Juárez and Ph. D. in Sciences in Industrial Engineering by the same Institute. She is currently a full-time Professor-Investigator at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez (UACJ). She has published in International Journal of Industrial Engineering and International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Expert Systems with Applications, Work, Journal of Accounting and Management, Journal of Educational Research among others. She has also collaborated with book chapters for Springer, IGI GLOBAL.

  5. Ricardo Colomo-Palacios is a Full Professor at the Computer Science Department of the Østfold University College, Norway. Formerly he worked at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. His research interests include applied research in information systems, software project management, people in software projects, business software, software and services process improvement and web science. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (2005). He also holds a MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (2002). He has been working as Software Engineer, Project Manager and Software Engineering Consultant in several companies including Spanish IT leader INDRA. He is also an Editorial Board Member and Associate Editor for several international journals and conferences and Editor in Chief of International Journal of Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals. See Homepage:

  6. Rafael Valencia-Garcia is an Associate Professor in the Department of Informatics and Systems from the University of Murcia. He is an expert on Web technologies. He has edited several special Issues on journal with impact factor such as: 1) Special Issue on Natural Language Processing and Human-Computer Interaction. Computer Standards and Interfaces, 2012, to appear, 2) Consuming and Producing Linked Data on Real World Applications. International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 2012, to appear, 3) Special Collection on Software Engineering and Semantic Web Technologies. Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology, 2011, to appear. He has been member of the Editorial Board of the following journals: Journal of Universal Computer Science (impact factor 2010: 0.572), Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology (impact factor 2010: 0.205) See Homepage:

  7. Jose María Alvarez-Rodríguez is a full-time researcher on computer science. He is an expert on e-learning systems, Content Management System and Learning Managament Systems. He has been reviewer of Electronic Government, an International Journal (EG), Special Issue on “Methodologies, Technologies and Tools enabling e-Government“, Member of Program Commite of FEOSW 2012 Workshop at ESWC 2012, Editorial Board Member of Green Technologies and Business Practices: An IT Approach. IGI Global, Reviewer / Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Web Science and Semantic Web Research: Open Research Series, Guest editor of Computers in Industry. An International, Application Oriented Research Journal. Impact factor: 1.620, Reviewer of Journal of Medical Systems. Impact factor: 1.064, Reviewer of International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics. Impact factor: 0.667, Reviewer of International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering. Impact Factor: 0.248, Member of Program Commite of CAEPIA 2011, Member of the Spanish Association of Linked Data.

  8. Jaime Alberto Guzman-Luna is an Associate Professor in the Facultad de Minas from the National University of Colombia. He is an expert on software engineering. He is involved on several projects related on Learning Collaborative Environments and Intelligent Systems. He has been a committee program member of several international conferences on computer science. He is author/co-author around 50 papers published on referred journals and conferences on computer science.

  9. Gandhi Samuel Hernandez Chan is a Computer System Engineer by the Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida and holds a Computer System Master by the same institute. Teacher of Software Engineering, Programming Languages and data bases in the IT area at the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana in Mérida Yucatán. He has also collaborated as teacher in other Universities like Universidad del Valle de México and Universidad Anahuac. He is a Researcher at the Computer Science Department in Carlos III of Madrid University. His research interest areas are Social Networks, Medical Portals, Ontologies, Semantic Web, Web Services, Clinical Decision Support Systems and Education Applications.